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Windows XP Standby Problem.


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The OS is Windows XP Pro SP2 on a Dell dimension 8400 desktop. For the past fortnight I've been using Standby, S3 mode, rather than shutting down the system. However, on some occasions the system comes out of Standby of its own accord; this "self-starting" has occurred any time from about 30 seconds after invoking Standby, to more than 4 hours later.

Any explanations as to the cause of this behaviour and a possible remedy would be appreciated.

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I've now had 8 successful Standby sessions of greater than 4 hours duration. So, I think it reasonable to conclude that disabling the "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby" setting at the Power Management tab in Device Manager for both the keyboard and the mouse, when the devices are connected to a USB port, is the solution to my problem.

Something I noticed which I found somewhat confusing, was the lack of a Power Management tab for the mouse when the keyboard and mouse are connected to PS/2 ports. However, disabling the setting for the keyboard also produces this effect for the mouse - easily tested - and the overall result the same as when using a USB connection with its separate keyboard and mouse settings.

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