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Windows PE2005 and 2 NVIDIA NIC's Support


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I have build a WinPE CD with nvidia 410/430 network driver support.

I build the CD with /PNP support and start ist with factory -winpe.

The network card is recognized during boot-up and i can map

a network resource. That works fine. :-)

But i want also support for nforce 4 ultra board's.

The Problem is that i need a different driver for that, but the

driver has exact the same filenames as the nvidia 410/430

network driver.

So when i inject the nforce 4 ultra driver with 'drvinst' command

in the existing winpe directory, i will overwrite the other


Does anyone know a solution for this problem ?

Thanks in advance


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I have done it but it doesn't work.

But here is the solution:

i have downloaded the nforce 410/430 network driver and add some new

vendor and device id's from the nforce4 ultra driver into the .inf files.

Now it works for nforce 4 ultra / nforce 4 410/430 / nforce 3 250 chipsets :thumbup

I've the new .inf files attached




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