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Antivir7,winamp521full,DivXplay6.2,winzip10 AutoIt file ready


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Hey bilgix

Shot for the file. They're all the programs I need switches for. One minor problem though. How do I use your files? I'm using a start.cmd file to include programs in my unattended install. I don't know how to use what you've given us in a start.cmd file? Pls help

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Thanks lexxdark. Appreciate the help. I've figured it out now, and worked out how to add the installations into my start.cmd file for my unattended install.

One question now though. How do I work out when editing the scripts which button is which to uncheck. For example, I don't want to install the DivX Player, only the codec. How do I know which button number is the correct one to uncheck. From what I can figure out from reading all the files in notepad, the ist button is not necessarily "BUTTON 1" etc. Pls help.

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