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  1. Thanks for the advice "baliktad". Sounds like the "volume licensed" version is the best idea. It is the only one that actually addresses the question. And I didn't know about it, so thank you for the suggestion. Whilst I do appreciate all the information, I do take slight offence at the obvious insinuation that I do not have a legitimate copy of Windows. Whether you believe me or not is besides the point. I know Microsoft don't mind activating it over and over again. I have to do it all the time over the phone! Thats exactly the problem. Its a pain in the neck! If Microsoft simply activate it multiple times over the phone, I see no reason why they can't do the same for internet activation. I am not trying to 'con' the system. I want to activate my Windows. I simply find phoning Microsoft often time-consuming and irritating. I've paid for it! I shouldn't have to keep activating it if I reinstall or change my hardware! It's mine!..... So I guess I dislike it on your proposed "theoretical level". Hence the reason for my question. But it appears there is no solution except: 1) Continue phoning Microsoft to activate when necessary (looks like thats the answer!) 2) Your much appreciated "volume licensed" verion idea (but means buying five products) 3) A corporate edition version (way way too expensive!) So if anyone out there is curious, after much research and discussion, we have reached a conclusion I believe. When you need to reactivate Windows, phone Microsoft! There is no way around it.
  2. Thanks lexxdark. Appreciate the help. I've figured it out now, and worked out how to add the installations into my start.cmd file for my unattended install. One question now though. How do I work out when editing the scripts which button is which to uncheck. For example, I don't want to install the DivX Player, only the codec. How do I know which button number is the correct one to uncheck. From what I can figure out from reading all the files in notepad, the ist button is not necessarily "BUTTON 1" etc. Pls help.
  3. Hey bilgix Shot for the file. They're all the programs I need switches for. One minor problem though. How do I use your files? I'm using a start.cmd file to include programs in my unattended install. I don't know how to use what you've given us in a start.cmd file? Pls help
  4. I don't transfer it to different hardware. I change parts of my hardware all the time, as I'm sure most people in this forum do. What good are PC's if you keep the same hardware for years! I'm sure if you get a new motherboard, or graphics card for example, Microsoft don't expect you to go and buy a new licence. Anyway, this is all besides the point, as we still don't have a solution. Surely someone knows how to solve this obvious problem.
  5. Hectic! You'd think Microsoft would realise that there must be thousands of users like me, who for one reason or another format their PC's on a regular basis, and hence have the hassel of having to phone their contact centre all the time to reactivate! Surely they have a solution! And if they haven't developed one, surely there must be programmers in this forum who can! It just doesn't seem logical that there shouldn't be a solution to this. The "copy the wpa.dbl from an activated system32 folder" method seemed brilliant, but it just doesn't work anymore. Isn't there a similiar way one can save the activated state of their copy of Windows for future reinstalls, even with new hardware. Infact, Microsoft do have a solution. They manage to do it when we phone them to activate. How do they do that? Or can that not be discussed on this forum? This is so frustrating! Please help!
  6. Thanks mc134. Appreciate the input. Unfortunately though, that method only makes XP activate automatically without any user input. The PC will still need to connect to Microsoft to activate though. And since I'm constantly reformatting and reinstalling, it doesn't work, and I have to phone Microsoft and activate it over the phone. Problem still not solved! Maybe there is no solution?
  7. Oh! My bad! Should've picked up on that registration not activation thing. Thanks for pointing it out. Any ideas on the activation?
  8. I've read through pages and pages in here, and not found an answer so here's my question, in its own new topic! I've created an unattended CD for XP Pro (SP2). I often change my hardware, and hence reintstall this version often. Is there any way to activate it that can be included in an unattended cd, so that I don't have to keep phoning Microsoft everytime I format and reinstall? And pls don't mention the "copy the wpa.dbl from an activated system32 folder" method. It doesn't work. Like I said, I change my hardware often so this method can't work. But even more simply, this method doesn't work with SP2, which I have. Someone suggested editing the registry with this: ;Make the Windows XP registration with Microsoft unnecessary [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion] "RegDone"="1" Does it work? And if I connect to do updates, will Microsoft then ask me to activate anyway? I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks.

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