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Sound scheme integration

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Well, i've just downloaded the vista soundpack, wich i want to use with my unattended installation.

The only thing is, I want to integrate it directly, not by any .reg files, and copy/paste commands.

So my question is, if anybody knows wich cab file in the I386 directory i have to edit/replace?

Atleast, when it's possible ofcourse :lol:


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I'm not sure about this but one thing I don't understand is why people acctually modify a good windows disk.

What I mean is instead of intergrating patches or packs why not add them as addons. That way you no if something is up you could take out that patch from the addon but not from the i386 folder unless you really know what your doing. Believe it or not its much easier just to do a basic batch file and one bit of registry file.

In the $$\media directory (system32\media) (just place the files in there so it gets copied over on text mode)

Then execute the batch file on t-13 or something. It's not rocket science. Thats all I've done. Good Luck

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