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Hello everyone. I've recently discovered this site while researching how to make an unattended Windows XP CD. I'm an IT Manager for a healthcare entity and specialize in health information systems. I'm hoping to gain a wealth of information from this site, it seems to have an infinite supply. =P



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Well, I hope your opinion about Microsoft and Windows changes in the days/months or even years to come here at MSFN.

Allot of people like to trash talk Windows ... Most of the time, is their fault that it doesn't work the way it should.

I hope you enjoy MSFN! See you in the forums.

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Hello Mr. Moderator, speaking about nickname,

Your nick sounds like a Street Fighter character's name :D:P:D

Oh, I also wanna ask, why is micronazi's posts-count zero? He already got two posts in this thread :)

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Hello Fulvian and Welcome to MSFN :)

Yes, you are correct. Gouki, also known as Akuma, is a Street Fighter character's name, my favorite along with Ryu ... I know, big SF geek.

His post count is 0 because posting on this Forum (Introduce Yourself) does not count towards post count. (All other forums do)

I would also like to ask you to please change your signature, otherwise a SMOD will have to edit it for you.

Images in signatures shall NOT exceed a total of 300x100 and 80kb. Flash and animated sigs are not permitted. You can enter max 4 lines of text in signature or signature image. Advertising and/or affiliates are not allowed in signatures nor avatars. Avatars are to be a maximum of 100x100 pixels. If your avatar or signature goes above these guidelines they will be taken off without notice. Any signatures found to be attached to a thread and used as a signature host is not allowed on MSFN and will be removed. Members with slow connection can disable other members signatures when reading posts by going to: My Control - Options - Board Settings.

Take care and enjoy MSFN.

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