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[C++] Tutorial/Guide on how to make GUIs

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Well... sorta. There are things that you really need to be careful with in C++ that Java takes care of for you. For example, memory management is much more "hands on" in C++. Java has the garbage collector that cleans out your dynamically allocated memory for you, while in C++ you need to explicitly release that memory (otherwise you get a memory leak).

Also, there's the whole consideration of pointers that is completely absent in Java. I would suggest reading up on these. They're pretty powerful in some applications in ways that are much more efficient than using big arrays or other data structures.

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Want a simple way to make GUI's, with cross platform compatability and ease of use (only c++ code. no api calls, only calling constructors etc).

My suggestion is a library called wxwigets (was wxWindows), has been running for years, is open source and is easy to use. I use it for my programs, and believe me I aint the best programmer in the world (taught myself c and c++ to intermediate level and am an electronics technician by trade)

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