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[release] Windows Server 2003 - XP Conversion Pack

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As many guys know that Windows Server 2003 uses the newer kernel which is faster, more stable and has better memory management. Despite the fact it's made for server purposes, some claimed it's optimized for workstation purposes very well in SP1. So I gave it a try for workstation conversion and it was really a worth try. Then I decided to make conversion tool that turn Windows Server 2003 to completely Windows XP. This works on both Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 and it's highly recommended to install Service Pack 1 before apply the conversion. Let's see why should we switch from XP to 2003 as XP from OSNews' article here.


Windows Server 2003/Windows XP conversion (Retail or cracked winlogon.exe only)

Server security configuration

|-Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

|-Shutdown Event Tracker

|-Error reporting

|-Ctrl+Alt+Del requirement on startup

|-Drive auto-mounting

Features configuration

|-Manage Your Server logon window

|-Processor scheduling

|-Windows Update


|-Start Menu items (You have to create new Administrator account)

Services configuration



|-Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

|-Multimedia support and DirectX acceleration

|-Visual effects

XP missing stuffs configuration

|-User accounts in Control Panel

|-Classic games

|-3-D arcade pinball game

|-System Restore

|-Shell services (logon, fast user switching, progress dialog ,user picture, etc.).


1. It can apply Windows XP conversion as close as Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP1

2. It can undo conversion back to original (You can choose to remove some or all)

3. It can convert Windows Server 2003 CD to Windows XP CD (Not real, though)

Get Windows Server 2003 - XP Conversion Pack



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