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[Help] System hangs at boot loading screen


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I have a windows xp pro installation which i have just used xplite on to make some changes. I removed some components and restarted than i got the sfc scanning thing which i canceled i then proceeded to disable sfc and i deleted the uninstallation files. After i restarted it freezes at the boot screen. I tried last known which didnt work, i then tried safe mode and it freezes just before bring the user selection screen however it has the wallpaper loaded.

Is there a way to fix this without doing a repair installation. I have a bartpe cd i can use if needed.

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I can now get into safe mode. I am assuming because i used the vista pack theme setting that safe mode doesnt recognize the changed logon menu so i tried pressing ctrl alt del 2x which worked.

I disabled everything in the msconfig and tried booting normaly and still it stops at the bootscreen. I cannot use system restore for some reason i dont have any restore points now.

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