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WinPE , SMS 2003 OSD & BDD


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Hi guys.

I have SMS Server 2003 with OSD which has WinPE as part of the OSD

Now i would like to use Microsoft's BDD but i need a WinPE disc.

So does anyone know how i might use OSD WinPE with Microsoft BDD?

Many thanks for any help anyone can give


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Anyone? :hello:

I really would like to use SMS 2003 with OSD and Microsoft BDD

I am using BDD2.5 / SMS 2003 / OSD - But I really dont know what u mean, if u have ur build kit for WinPE 2005/2004 u can create a WinPE from that. Afterwards, u have an option for updating the WinPE version from within the SMS interface... thats about it!

Specify what u r wondering about and maby I can be more specific as well..

stay cool...

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Hello mate

Ok i will try to be a bit more clear about the issue.

I have SMS Server 2003 SP2 with the OSD Feature pack installed.

I have Microsoft BDD 2.5 installed.

Now when i open Microsoft BDD and go through all the steps for setting up the image such as user names in the config.hta. On the last tab for Windows PE x86 it has the path for the Windows PE source file , but at the moment i dont have anything to put in there as we dont have Windows PE 2004 or 2005 only the version of Windows PE that ships with OSD

I have copied my XP CDROM which has SP2 built in into the Source\XPSP2 directory but i am unable to build a LAB CD as i dont have Windows PE

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help on this issue :D

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As you can still use the version shipped with OSD of WinPE, you cannot use BDD unless u have the appropiate Microsoft agreement that will enable you to use WinPE2005 or WinPE2004.

WinPE build kits for WinPE 2005 are most commonly used with OSD and BDD for updating the shipped version with OSD, however, still, u need that agreement with MS to obtain the build kit and later on updating the SMS with...

Hope it works out for u...

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I have also fetched it from that OEM site but;

1. when talking to ur Microsoft representative, they will tell u that it is not alright to obtain WinPE from that site unless, guess what, u r a OEM....

2. WinPE is still not public available as any unless SA agreement and so on...

So, working on law firm u prolly better of talking ot MS about that unless talking to BSA the next day...


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