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Hotfix Integration

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Today I wanted to create an updated unattended windows installation, but I ran into some problems,

The Windows CD that I have, Contains the SVCPACK folder in I386, and inside the folder there are *.CA_ (CAB?) files which contain some cat files, and they have the numbers of some apparantly hotfixs (eg, KB319740.CA_ ---- KB901214.CA_ ),

These files are about 6 Kb, and SVCPACK.INI is not used in I386,

I want to integrate the latest hotfixes, but I don't know if those previous hotfixes are already installed or not? if yes which method has been used that involves SVCPACK folder (6kb files) but not the ini,

and If I integrate using for example Integrate switch which will make the svcpack.ini, will this disable the installtion of the others? (how can I add the additional hotfixes)

Thanx in advance.

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