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LitePC: 98lite - causing WinUpdate error?


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98lite preview 4.5 "Chubby" mode. So far no other problems. No message board, and no FAQ or KB notes there on this issue. Looks like they haven't updated their pages in a while... Anyway I get this. I^6 IS installed and works, BTW

"Windows Update Error

Windows Update has encountered an error. This may be due to a discrepancy in your computer's time setting.

To check your date and time setting:

On the taskbar, double-click the time.

Verify that the date and time is correct.

You can also get online support if you are having problems with Windows Update.

Send error number to Microsoft (0x800C0008)

Note This sends error information but does not create a support incident; you may or may not receive a response."

Of course I didn't send, and my system time is correct!

Any ideas?

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How are you trying to access Windows Update, through a menu item or shortcut? I'm guessing that you are, because I recall having some kind of problem when I tried doing it that way. Try using the direct approach: Open IE and go to



P.S. If this suggestion doesn't solve your problem, maybe it will help somebody else.

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