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Unattended CD fine - Now for RIS?

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Hi all,

Having followed Alanoll's great guide and the comments of others, I have an unattended CD of XP with Drivers,hotfixes and Office as well, and I am chuffed with it

My problem is with trying to distribute this with RIS. Do you guys use risetup.exe and Setup Manager to create the .sif file, and then add/edit your required switches?

RIS setup Manager only copies the I386 folder, so I assume you copy over other directories $oem$ etc.

Also the .sif files that are created for the CD guide don't hold some of the parameters required for RIS so I can only assume that you edit the one created in Setup Manager or don't use it at all.

Can anyone advise/direct me to how to actually setup the directories for RIS to work from just having a successful CD ?

My actual error message on the client installing is 'setup cannot copy the file xpsp3res.dll'


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Thanks Andy, copied the offending .dlls i was needing and have got it to work from a flat RIS image, plus other directories, and editing the .sif created by Setup Manager

Was hoping for an explanation on directory structure, and the further guides illustrate this great, if not over my needs, but its all good.

Some more time on the guides then :unsure:

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