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Antivir Personal Edition 7


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I need help to find out how to install antivir personal edition 7 silent.

I tried to all switches I know, but nothing works.

I unpacked the downloaded installation file und tried " /silent /q /s -s -S " aon the setup.exe.

I hope someone could help me with this problem!


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Hi there!

I was looking too for AntiVir 7 switches but I fear noone has found out yet and possibly there are no such switches in the new AntiVir Version.

You might consider using AutoIt, I avoided that program for a long time but it is not even remotely as hard to use it as it seems at first for someone unfamiliar with scripting languages (like me). I am still in the process of testing my script which is based on another forum script but it seems to work so far. AutoIt is not as elegant as a simple install switch (for example it just stops the mandatory first scan manually as opposed to the old @NO_SCAN in Version 6) but allows you to do basically everything you would do in a normal install with your mouse and keyboard.

So if you are really determined to use AntiVir 7 over 6, AutoIt is the way to go for now and will allow you to incorporate a larger number of programs into your Unattended Installation quite easily once you know how to use it.

I can post my script if you like but right now it's still a work in progress, mainly attributed to the fact that I am messing with different language versions of Windows, so my current script works with the English Windows while my testing Environment with a German Windows requires different key inputs so I will revise my script so that it does not rely on the system language (I am still learning, it's only my second AutoIt script after Photoshop 9 CS2 but that one showed me the power of AutoIt, hehe).


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I couldn't find the switches too, then I decided to write my own AutoIt Script.

I would be glad if someone refines it or even find the switches, but then don't forget to post the refinded script back or the switches.

Here is the script & the compiled version. To have it working,

1. download AntiVir and extract the executable

2. run setup.exe which you will find within the folder BASIC

3. run the compiled script

I hope I helped.

See you soon :hello:



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