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Would anyone use this? Silent Install Database?

Bi0's Silent Install Database..  

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  1. 1. would you use it?

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very nice site, if i had seen it before I wouldn't have considered this project.

they however also focus on repackaged installations, which i have nothing against, i just thought maybe if i took this far enough, i could provide download links as well...

so for example, i have a huge list on my server, you specify in a File say... autoinstall.txt.. that you want Ventrilo.. i make an autoit script that reads the autoinstall.txt file, sees you have ventrilo in there, checks my server for ventrilo... downloads the installer off ventrilo.com and installs it using the silent switch for it. thus stopping the constant updating of software for our unattended xpcd's.

probably would be easier to just use that site and the ones found scattered across here though..

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