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What do you suggest, Win2003\2000\XP  

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  1. 1. What do you suggest, Win2003\2000\XP

    • Windows Server 2003 configured for home use Enterpris
    • Win2003 - " " " " standard
    • Win2003 - " " " " Web Edition
    • Windows 2000 - It's just like Win2003 and it's built on it
    • WinXP(hate it, it's got f**ked after a while)

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Win2k is just as good as XP for games. (although, not for everyone...)


don't agree, i've tried xp for very long and i got very surprised with the stability then i rolled back to 2k en i must say I'm disappointed with the so often called "MS's most stable SO" it's slow, my cd's take WAY MUCH longer to record en the games run a lil bit slow i know i haven't a great pc but on XP its v good

Note that I said although, not for everyone... :rolleyes:

So some are unlucky than others.

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