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Error in Windows Server 2003 using IIS 6.0

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I am getting the below error in accessing Crystal Reports through ASP Pages

using IIS 6.0 and windows Server 2003.

I am trying to access a Crystal Report (v 7.0) through an ASP page during which it gives me error as:-

Crystal Report Error '800a5014'

Not enough memory for operation

/lssreports/lssweb/gfunctions.asp, line 401

Line 401 is: - action =1

sometimes i get the error as :- "Error 80010105".

The same was working in Windows2000 machine.

I do not know whether this problem is related to the ISS 6.0 or some rights problem.

Can you please help me out to solve this problem?

IMP NOTE: - When I change the settings of IIS 6.0 to “Run WWW service in IIS 5.0 isolation mode”, the report runs fine. But, my problem here is that, this setting gets applied to all the virtual directories created under that Websites. This affects my other applications which are hosted on IIS 6.0.

Please do suggest me some solution so that the IIS 5.0 isolation mode settings can be created for a particular Virtual Directory only.

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