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Reduce Size of Your 5 in 1 Office 2003 CD by 36MB


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Office 2003 SP1 or SP2 slipstreamed

If you don't need Ms Project don't read this!

Before reading this, you must familiar with

marek722 method of slipstreaming & rebuilding CD

Please follow marek722's directions , but before executing marek722's Sort2cabs.js, download newsort2cabs.rar and extract that’s contents in sort folder (for Sort folder refer to marek722 directions) .

The RAR file includes NewSort2cabs.js (edited version of marek722's Sort2cabs.js) and also a correct version of md5sum.exe & makecab.exe.

Then at the command line prompt,

instead of executing

cscript sort2cabs.js


cscript Newsort2cabs.js

the Newsort2cabs.js is similar to sort2cabs.js; but in addition, replaces sum cab files with others, the size of your Office 2003 Files increases by 25.5 MB, but reduces the ISO File by 34-36MB!



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When i execute the command i get "Error: [object Error]" what could be?

Can also upload the original sort2cabs.js? I can find it anymore on the original thread!


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