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Help with updating installation point with office2003 service pack2

Our Michael

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Hi all,

i have deployed Office2003 to some computers through software installation in windows. I have now to upgrade this installation point with service pack2

I understand not the procedure; it seems to be a difficult process - slipstreaming! :huh:

I have the service pack2 .exe file, now please some help

My installation point is \\server99\folder\pro.msi

1)I have read to connect to admin share - how? is this start>run>\\server99\folder\msi Then do i issue this command - msiexec /p \\server99 etc etc

2)Or is the whole command run like start>run>\\server99\folder\.msi msiexec /p \\server99\folder\pro.msi etc etc

3)The command asks for the location of the .msp update files also. These are in the ServicePack2.exe. Clicking on this does not extract them, just installs the whole update!!

Please does anyone know of a clearly explained tutourial, or where is that Office Updater utility... Not available :o

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