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I make an redirection DNS with Dyndns.org with IP Dynamic! - It's work fine. PING hostname and PING -a Hostname OK!

In zyxel 650ME on the NAT, i open port 21 and port range 50000 to 50100 for IP LAN PC

The firewall XP is OFF (with the remote service)

I install the FileZilla Server with setting (Use custom port range : 50000 to 50100) and for passive mode i choose Default option. I make User "User01" with the folder share.

I install the FileZilla Client (host) with setting port range 50000 to 50100 for IP LAN PC

The test localhost work fine. The test on another PC on LAN work fine.

The test with Adress Hostname, i have connexion server ftp but show me two file "ras" and "rom-0". It's no good. never have these files on my PC. I don't understand.

Some body can help me please!

I try with SmartFTP Client - FTPSERVEUR 0.95 - GuildFTPd FTP Server Daemon but same problem.

--------------------------------------------------LOG Client ----------------------------------------------------------------

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(1073): DoClose(0) OpMode=1024 OpState=-1 caller=0x003ad68c

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(3906): ResetOperation(4100) OpMode=1024 OpState=-1 caller=0x003ad68c

Etat : Déconnecté du serveur

Etat : Connexion à techwan2003.dyndns.org ...

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(934): OnConnect(0) OpMode=1 OpState=-1 caller=0x003ad68c

Etat : Connecté à techwan2003.dyndns.org. Attente du message d'accueil...

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(757): OnReceive(0) OpMode=1 OpState=-1 caller=0x003ad68c

Réponse : 220 Routeur FTP version 1.0 ready at Thu Dec 29 14:06:23 2005

Commande : USER papa

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(757): OnReceive(0) OpMode=1 OpState=0 caller=0x003ad68c

Réponse : 331 Enter PASS command

Commande : PASS *************

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(757): OnReceive(0) OpMode=1 OpState=3 caller=0x003ad68c

Réponse : 230 Logged in

Commande : FEAT

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(757): OnReceive(0) OpMode=1 OpState=-13 caller=0x003ad68c

Réponse : 500 Unknown command 'feat'

Commande : SYST

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(757): OnReceive(0) OpMode=1 OpState=-14 caller=0x003ad68c

Réponse : 215 UNIX Type: L8 Version: 1.0

Etat : Connecté

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(3906): ResetOperation(1) OpMode=1 OpState=-14 caller=0x003ad68c

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(1146): List(FALSE,0,"","",1) OpMode=0 OpState=-1 caller=0x003ad68c

Etat : Récupération de la liste de répertoires...

Commande : PWD

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(757): OnReceive(0) OpMode=4 OpState=0 caller=0x003ad68c

Réponse : 257 "" is current directory

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(1146): List(FALSE,0,"","",0) OpMode=4 OpState=0 caller=0x003ad68c

Etat : Succès du listage du répertoire

Trace : FtpControlSocket.cpp(3906): ResetOperation(1) OpMode=4 OpState=0 caller=0x003ad68c




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