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Hi every1, i need help with adding users and visual

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Hi all, long time no seen :)

1st of all, congratulations for the new design of the unattended site, just noticed :)


I need help in 2 subjects, the 1st is adding users.

i followed the instructions in this page - http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/27/

and i didn't understand something(s). (i'm using the oobeinfo method)

- Do I need the


line to create an admin account? or the admin account is created automaticlly like if i don't add any users?

cuz i want to add just one user, as an additional user to the Administrator account.

- Does my registry tweaks will be applied on the additional created User??

the 2nd subject is the visual settings.

i'm looking for some visual tweaks, and i found only one of them (drop shadow on desktop icons).

here's the "list" of tweaks i couldn't find in search -

- drop shadow under menues

- smooth fonts edges

as you can see, the so called "list" is very small ;)


ok, after another search, i found "SetVisualEffects.exe" app.

i answers all my questions about the visual effects, but there is one thing unclear.


in the instructions in the above link ^ , he's saying that i need to put the line

"REGEDIT /S setstartup.reg"

in any line, but before any account are created so the visual settings will be applied

to all users , but i create my accounts using oobeinfo.ini, so where do i need to put the line so it will be applied to all users??


Thanks All,

and have a Happy Christsmas and Happy Hanuka :)

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