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[Question] - From Windows 98 to Windows XP


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It's second time I read this "nlite" thing talking about XP; what does it mean???

Man what were you doint uptil now on the forum

The post about win98->xp was my first post in the forum... :whistle:


Thanks for your concerns about my "newbieness"... ;) I'm quite skilled to PC, SW installation, SW development, hardware installation and so on. I just... remained to the times of Win98! :whistle: Well, actually my Win98 PC "pretends" to be a modern PC thanks to the thousands of updates, 3rd party SW, and new hardware....

And, once I'll have XP installed, I suppose I'll be able to do as many XP installations as I want... just by using an emulator like VMWare or Bochs... or even, why not, the second, actual PC of mines, which will eventually is going to become my PVR (hopefully...).

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I already have a AMD Athlon 2600 XP.... but it's for day use; I want to "recycle" my (not so much) old PC!

BTW, I forgot mentioning the 80 GB HD I added to the 800 MHz PC in past years.

It also already have a TV tuner (actually two: internal one and external one...)

I don't remember how much memory it has, though...

For your AMD system, you should already be running an OS like Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Running Windows 98 is a mistake on a relatively fast system like your AMD 2600.

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