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PHP DLL extensions install

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I am running PHP on a Windows 2000 box running IIS.

I want to use the imap functions. At present when I try to call these functions I am getting an error message is the dll is not installed/configured.

Is it possible to simply copy the dll into my php directory. I see it is listedunder the options in php.ini file and I just have to uncomment the line.

The php.ini file says that I have to specify the directory of the dll extensions. I placed the imap.dll in the working php root directory which is "c:/php".

However when I use this it seems to cause problems.

So is what I am attempting possible and if so where am I going wrong.

Many thanks,

Rob Burne.

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Further to my post above I have noticed that when I uncomment the line to enable the php_imap.dll module it prevents IIS from working, pages on the server will not open.

As soon as I comment out the line the pages display.

Odd! Any ideas?


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