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[Help] - Xp install Sp2 Very Slow Reboot, Svchost Error Msgs


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Hello everyone,

Hope all of you are well prepared for Christmas (yes, I did not type 'XMAS' - oops, now I did :P ).

Hoping someone out there can help me. I am having a problem with a Shuttle SB61G2 (not a V2, V3 or V4). I updated the ATI 9800 AIW, the Creative Audigy2 ZS, the Intel chipset drivers, BIOS, Realtek Network Card, Logitech KB & mouse, and did a Windows Update as well, to bring SP1 up to the lastest patches before manually installing SP2. I even did a chkdsk on all logical drives!

McAfee 8.0i Ent, Patch 11, updated, MS AntiSpoyware, SPybot, AdAware - all updated and full scans - clean!

At the "Please Wait" black screen, I am getting svchost errors, but if I wait long enough - say 20 mins, it will boot just very very slowly. The first error is svchost is at 0x008eca03, and that it cannot be written in 0x00000000.

Uninstalling SP2 (thru the Recovery Console and then from Add Remove Programs), the PC works fine, and reinstalling it brings up the same symptoms.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Datalore.

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The first error is svchost is at 0x008eca03, and that it cannot be written in 0x00000000.

Well, since all zeros is an invalid virtual address, I'd say that's the initial problem. The only problem is that svchost.exe can be running multiple instances of itself (it's just a container process for quite a few different services). So the question is - if you boot into safe mode and (via msconfig or autoruns) disable all non-microsoft services, and all startup items, does the problem go away?

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Hi Cluberti & Slamwari,

I already disables non-M$ services and programs before I did the service pack install (I always do, and clean out the temp folders, run a chkdsk etc. - I am very domesticated).

It is very strange, I have checked everything that I could think of, apart from stripping out the graphics and sound cards, but I updated the drivers for these anyway.

I have gone back to SP1 with no problems.

I did notice as well that when I tried SP2 a second time, a lot of errors centered around the fact that RPC was not running, and some services were either stopping or starting.

Anything else I could try without a clean install? It is not urgent, but I have several programs that I do not want to reinstall.



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