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Creating a drop-shadow for images using CSS.

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I've read many guides on how to create a drop shadow for images using CSS, and I actually got it to work but it just doesn't have the look I want.

I want my drop shadows to look look the same as how they do it on deviantart.com.

If you go there you will see that they have a nice little drop-shadow on most of the thumbnails and images they have.

I was looking through the source but I can't figure out how they are doing it.

Right now I am using a different method but it doesn't look so nice :no:

I am hoping somebody can lend me a hand here. B)

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Yeah those are great links indeed.

I actually came across them in a search through google before I ever started this topic.

I did infact get it to work successfully, but those methods don't give me the same effect as DeviantArt's way.

I have been going through their CSS and html coding trying to figure it out but it is way above my level.

I tried so many different ways but I can't seem to get it working :(

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Didn't those effects only work with IE?

Don't know.

I tried them on IE, and they worked. I didn't like how they looked though, so I never bothered to attempt them on any other browser. Although, if they do only work on IE then it would be bad.

I know deviantart works on IE and firefox and opera. :)

Now, if only i can figure out how they do it.

I'm gonna keep screwing around with the source until I figure it out.

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