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[Question] | Frequently changing the Paging File


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I'm baaaack. Sorry if I've been negligent, just got back from a vacation. B) I'm going to run this baby and see what turns up. I appreciate your paitence.

Toggling the page file on and off shouldn't harm anything, but it's best to leave it on. Once you start to run low on memory, XP gets very buggy.

Thanks Hyperhacker... so far, no problems, but I dont want to learn the hard way, you know?

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this may actually take awhile. I had installed winmerg on my computer before my vacation... now, it has disapeared without a trace. I dont know where it went or why... weird. I even ran it before, trying to figure it out. It doesnt make any sense... so, I have to get it again.

I did do a system restore, but that shouldnt have effected programs.

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