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My Documents link on My computer screen is wrong


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Try this:

If you have My Documents showing on your desktop, right-click on it, click Properties, click the Move button, and change the location.

If you don't have My Documents showing, add it by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop => Properties => Desktop tab => Customize Desktop button => check the My Documents box.

You can delete the My Documents shortcut off the desktop if you don't want/need it.

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Just to check that this isn't something related to your login:

Go to Start => Run and type in cmd

In the Command window that opens, type in SET

Check the paths indicated for the following entries, that they point to your profile (your username):





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Sorry for not getting back sooner.

Open the Registry Editor by going to Start => Run and typing in regedit

Navigate to this key:


In the right-hand pane, the path to your own profile's documents folder should be listed there (along with the path to the Administrator account - don't touch this one!). Is it listed correctly? In the right-hand pane is your username listed? Is the path to your Documents folder correct?

If not, and you want to change it, first backup the key by going to File => Export and export the key (click the 'Selected branch' radio button) to a good location giving it a name like "Documents path.reg". This is in case you make a goof. Double-clicking on this saved .reg file will restore the original entry.

Then, right-click on the incorrect Name and click on Modify. Change the Value name and/or the Value data as necessary to match your username and the path to your Documents folder. Double-check that you have the path typed in correctly.

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