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Not Sure on hex Editing


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Sorry this is the first time hex editing and im abit confused.

ive been reading flyakite's gudie but am stuck.

basically im making a multiboot dvd

my root folder atm looks like:







Pro1.dat (for xp)

Mpro.dat (for xp media)

2Pro.dat (for 2000)

I want to keep the boto files setupldr.bin, winnt.sif. In their os sub folders i.e. xppro/i386 and just have the .dat files in the root of the dvd. As it seems messy to me to move these to folders to the root of the dvd like PRO1.

Is this possible?

if so how do i edit these files? setupldr.bin, winnt.sif, PRO1.dat. I know i use a hex editor do i just do repalce i386 with for example XPPro\i386 ?

Many Thanks for your time

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