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PROB | uA upgrade Windows XP: ethernet drivers


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I'm having some trouble with installing an ethernet controller driver once my unattended setup has completed. It is an upgrade from Windows 2000 Pro to Windows XP Pro

Here's my answer file:





For some reason on a different model of computer, this format seems fine. It does use a different NIC but I have already made all of the necessary changes that I can think of. All of the files that are in my $oem$ folder end up getting copied over, but for some reason they do not install. After the upgrade is complete, I can go into the device manager and update the driver from the folder that was copied over ($oem$ folder) and it works just fine. This is not acceptable as I will lose network connection and therefore will not be able to do it remotely. I thought it might be a driver signing issue but I've added the necessary lines to the unattend section and still no luck.

Can anyone please help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

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Ethernet Controller

Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet for hp

I have downloaded the most up to date driver from Broadcom's web site.

Where are copied your 3 Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet for hp drivers files for unattended install in your install tree before launching the install?




and try to add this line in [unattended] section

OverwriteOemFilesOnUpgrade = Yes

Your old Broadcom driver b57w2k.sys should be upgraded

Win2K Pro = NDIS 5.0 = b57w2k.sys

WinXP Pro = NDIS 5.1 = b57xp32.sys

This is an unchecked answer because i never upgrade an existing OS, considering it's the worst solution.

But unattended new install of HP Evo desktops with Broadcom NICs works fine.

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Those 3 files are located on a network share: J:\UserApps\Install\Windows.XP\OS\Source\Pro\Files\I386\$oem$\$1\Drivers

I have tried to use that extra line: OverwriteOemFilesOnUpgrade = Yes

but i will try it again.

Thank you

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When xp finally gets installed and i log in, the new hardware is found and it asks me to insert a floppy disk or browse for the proper driver. I can browse to the Drivers folder that gets created in the root of c: and the nic gets installed without any issue. i have found a digitally signed version of the driver, so it doesn't even prompt me with driver signing questions anymore. But why the heck doesn't it automatically install this device. it's like it just doesn't know where to find the files, even though the folder gets copied over with all the files. Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this or at least run a post job where i can tell the os where to look for the files??

Please help?????


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