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How do i get..."press any key to boot from cdrom"...?


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I think it's bootfix.bin in the i386 folder that makes the CD say "press any key to boot from cd".

Try putting bootfix.bin in the same folder that has setupldr.bin

Or, check this out:


This site has a cdmenu.zip file that you can edit to make your own "press any key to boot from cd".

Hope you find your answer.

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If you are booting dos directly from CD & need this prompt you must have jo.sys in the boot image.

I am not sure if this file is part of dos 6.22. It is available for dos 7.1 & higher.

Under PE you have to enable BootFix.

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You got to be kidding me.... Why not just create a startup disk in win 98 or download a win98 boot image and use winimage.... create a dos folder on your cd and have the path in your autoexec.bat file point to the dos directory..... i.e. PATH: %Systemdisk%\Dos;C:\;A:\;etc... :no:

then add an option to cdshell.ini to memdisk /boot98.ima... which will do the same thing as ramdisk

or you can always edit autoexec.bat with labels in dos 6.22 as such:

@ Echo off

echo Do you want to boot from CD?

Choice:yn then if yes, then go to label to load mscdex and oakcdrom.sys in config.sys

if no, quit..

or you can always do the menu option thing in config.sys

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