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MC Crashes!


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Everytime i want to turn on Media Center and look at My Pictures and My Music, MC crashes right after the program starts. It gives me a window that says " Generating Crash Report. Please wait..."

This seems weird because then i logged out of my account and went into my dad's and opend MC there and it worked!

I dont know what the problem is with my account

BTW this is the screen shot of the problem:


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its not my drivers becasue if it is then Media Center wouldnt load at all, it wouldnt matter what account i am on. It is only my account where MC doesnt work, all other accounts are good.

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Have you tried creating a new account [user] and logging on with that?

If so, transfer all your work to the new account and delete that user [providing it isnt the administrator account, etc. lol].

Let us know how that goes lol



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