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[Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

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I have to admit that I don't use neither AutoRIS nor AutoImage myself (though I'll have a look at the latter when there's time), but I really admire your work.

I have a fully working RIS server with very customized images. All scripts and programs comes from a central file store, independent of the RIS server or images. I've got -one- script pr image, which launches the other scripts from the file server dependant of image properties. All batch-based, since I haven't had time to learn VB yet (shame on me).

Anyhow, the case is, to build a new image (which happens frequently), I copy one original SP2-based image, integrate BTS driverpacks with RISult, integrate hotfixes with the /INTEGRATE switch since there is no norwegian update packs for RVM yet, integrate NIC drivers and then write a script for the image which decides registry tweaks and software. All of this have been done pretty much automatically, except for the write part which basically is just editing a sample script.

But now, the Driverpacks API has changed and RISult is currently useless. And AutoImage seems to have picked up the API and managed to automate the process of including them in RIS already. I did it myself manually, but it's not a funny job. So I'm considering to switch to AutoImage, which will work fine for just me, but I need to write a full documentation of my work along with a guide for making a new and updated image with drivers since I'm not working here anymore a few months from now. And it needs to be easy to understand. It was very simple until the Driverpacks API changed.

And finally - the question: Is there any way to script AutoImage? That would save me for a whole lot of work. All I need is the ability to integrate the Driverpacks automatically, the rest I have my own solutions for. Or, is it possible that you add the ability to integrate hotfixes with the /INTEGRATE switch (to make it easy to update later), or kind of like nLites method? If any of those two were possible, it'd be incredibly easy to make a new, updated image with drivers and all, and i could make a guide and/or a script that even my grandmother would understand.

The question got wrapped in a whole lot of useless information. Here's the short version: I need a way to automate the process of integrating BTS Driverpacks and hotfixes without RVM, and I'm basically wondering if you could help me.

Thanks a lot for your precious time, you are a real hero here on msfn. If you ever come to Norway, drop me a note and I'll buy you a beer :D

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Ok.. a couple of things. I have not put in any capabilities for AutoImage to run unattended or through the command line. It's a possibility for the future, but it won't happen real soon. The other thing is that I have not put in any capabilities for integrating hotfixes. I figure between RVM and nLite, that would cover most people's need for hotfixes.

Lastly, while I have been using AutoImage successfully on RIS images for a few weeks now, it really has not been tested that thoroughly by anyone other than me (that I know of). And I'm beginning to discover some anomolies with non-English sources. If you do decide to give AutoImage a shot, please test it out somewhat before pushing out any clients.

So I didn't really give you any answers that help too much. You may want to see if using nLite with AutoImage can assist you with integrating hotfixes. Wish I had some better answers for you :(

Best of luck to you..

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Howdy, looks like Windows 2003 SP2 will be changing a few things. They dont specifically say what...

Windows Deployment Services

WDS is an updated and redesigned version of Remote Installation Services (RIS). WDS will be required to support the deployment of Windows Vista. WDS offers this functionality along with improved security surrounding image store, delegation of administration and better management story.


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AutoRIS is discontinued and replaced by AutoImage. I removed the download for AutoRIS because I was receiving far too many requests for support even though it is clearly stated the AutoRIS will NOT work with the current generation of DriverPacks. Further, during the development of AutoImage I discovered issues in AutoRIS that will prevent it from working at all with Windows Server 2003 RIS servers.

To prevent people from possibly harming their systems and to cut back on requests for support, I decided to remove the download entirely.

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