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THIS is my first post, after studying this stuff :hello:

ok do admin update on 7.0 if have not already, heres the web page showing you how



now, heres a copy of my batch file i used to install, and activate silently NO MORE ACTIVATION SCREEN :w00t:

INSTALLING Acrobat 7.0.5 PRO

@echo off

start /wait z:\acrpro\acropro.msi TRANSFORMS=z:\acrpro\acropro.mst /qb!

REGEDIT /S z:\acrpro\alm.reg

md "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\all users\application data\adobe systems\product licenses\"

COPY "z:\acrpro\acti\*.*" "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\all users\application data\adobe systems\product licenses\"


the alm.reg is an activation file





Stored in your acti folder is a 6k file named 12345678.dat

NOTE: 12345678 could be any number specific to your machine

After all said and done..........perrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect, i have not tried it on another machine, but i suspect because both 12345678, it just might work, any feedback is a good thing

Now MS Antispyware, this is what i did

start /wait c:\MSAnti\Microsoft.exe /S /V/qn


it worked

I hope i did this posting right :yes:

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