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How to replace original desktop wallpaper


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I was just wondering if anyone could help me out?

I have an unattended install of Windows XP and I wish to replace all the original wallpaper such as Bliss, Ascent and Autumn etc with custom images. Where can I find these files on the install cd? Obviously they are compressed and unpacked during setup but I'm not having much luck with my searches.

I guess one option would be a file copy of custom images to the desktop image folder during setup.

All suggestions appreciated.

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Bliss on the cd would be BLISS.JP_ and so on.

Search your cd's I386 folder using --> *.JP_

Then sort the results by size and you will see just about all the wallpapers.

Easiest thing to do is to grab all the wallpaper jpg's you want to use and name them the same as a windows wallpaper file. Then cab them and change the extension to .JP_. Replace the deafult file in I386 and you are done.

Do a search on msfn for a menu add on that will cab the file, apply modifype and rename it for you to .xx_.

I think the download link was called "CAB Tools for SendTo folder".

If you want to go with your 2nd suggestion, just be sure to send the wallpaper to

the WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper folder.

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(in xp) to uncompress the JP_ file (and all files ended with this "_" ) just copy the file to "c:/" (or anywhere) and then write this line "expand -r c:/the file.jp_" to cmd.exe or the run box. this command will uncompress the file and you will got the real extension. (dll, exe, etc) :)

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