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Issue with Microsoft Generic Drivers


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A couple of issues I hope you can help out with. The image creation process from start to finish in a nutshell is that it is started using winnt.sif to configure the software settings only, there are no hardware entries at this point, next any additional software applications, default user profile configurations, etc.. are installed through scripting, lastly the drivers are copied and then sysprep is run. During the whole process no drivers are installed other than what windows installs automatically until a machine with the post sysprep image is built and booted. The drivers are then loaded from the paths specified in oempnpdriverspath. The image will be used on both laptops and desktops, Dells and Compaqs.

I didn't find anything searching regarding this first issue, it is that the Alps Touchpad driver for the Dell laptops is being loaded also on the desktops rather than the generic PS/2 Compatible Mouse which I would like to install.

The second issue I did find some information while searching but none helped. It is that during the hardware detection on the laptops only it is prompting to click next to have windows automatically install the Plug and Play Monitor driver instead of just installing it. For this issue I've tried many different settings in the [Display] section in sysprep.inf short of not specifying any at all. Currently it is set to:

Xresolution = 1024

Yresolution = 768

I've also tried different settings regarding the Bitsperpel and vrefresh with no luck. I read in another post that setting it to 800 x 600 may resolve the issue, but I want the default resolution to be 1024 x 768 which all hardware is capable of. Having the Default Monitor install will be fine also.

Because both these issues have to do with XP's generic drivers it makes me think I might have missed something regarding them.

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