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Win2000: WGA wont intergrate.


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FFS... WGA, what a pain in the ****

Slipstreamed SP4.

Slipstreamed DX9c.

Intergrate KB891861 (Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4).

Slipstreamed IE6.

Intergrate KB842773 (BITS 2.0 and WinHTTP 5.1)

Intergrate KB892130 (Windows Genuine Advantage)

Intergrate KB893803 (Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable V2)


Ok, I completed all the above in that order. I done each slipstream/integration seperately.

Created an ISO then allowed it to install on Virtual Machine 2004.

The following installed and works fine...

SP4 (according to system/control p)

DX9c (according to diaxdiag)

IE6 (according to About>Help)

KB842773 (according to windowsupdate.microsoft.com)

KB893803 (according to windowsupdate.microsoft.com)

Can you see my problem.

I used tommyPs prog to intergrate WGA and I've tried both Nlite and TommyPs to intergrate Kb891861. But they never intergrate. ?

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I integrated the rollup patch OK on win2k (showed in cpanel ok anyway)

Maybe worth double checking the section on type 1 and type 2 hotfixes:


My svcpack.inf looks like this:

2krollup.exe /Q /O /N /Z
ms02_009.exe /Q:A /R:N
ms05_024.exe /Q /O /N /Z
ms05_026.exe /Q /O /N /Z
ms05_027.exe /Q /O /N /Z
ms05_032.exe /Q /O /N /Z
ms05_036.exe /Q /O /N /Z
ms05_038.exe /Q /O /N /Z
ms05_039.exe /Q /O /N /Z
ms05_041.exe /Q /O /N /Z
ms05_042.exe /Q /O /N /Z
ms05_043.exe /Q /O /N /Z

note that the rollup patch has been renamed to 2krollup to appear first on the list (must be in numerical order)

I've also noticed that some of my own aren't integrating - which is something I now need to look at..........

by the way - do you have any quick links on integrating ie6+sp1 and dx9 into win2k? I googled and all it came up with was some hfslip thing........

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You do NOT need WGA for Windows 2000...lose it and reinstall...

or, use autostreamer to integrate SP4 into your win2k, install and download autopatcher for win 2000...autopatcher has all the updates needed for win2k...The neowin.net site has download links for autopatcher and also see more info on this site...

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