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IP being assigned to the wrong LAN

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My motherboard has 2 LAN adapters built in. My winnt.sif is set to assign a static IP to one of these adapter, but it is assigning it to the wrong one. Is there a way that I can instruct the UA to assign that IP to a specific adapter? Maybe via it's MAC address?

Thx, Darin

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First specify your adapter(s) in the [NetAdapters] section of winnt.sif (or unattend.txt) and then define the MAC address of your cards and/or the PNP-ID in the [params.adapter instance] section:

Adapter1 = params.adapter1
Adapter2 = params.adapter2

NetCardAddress = 0x123456789AB
ConnectionName = "MyNetwork"

NetCardAddress = 0x123456789AB
ConnectionName = "WAN"

SpecificTo = adapter1
IPAddress =

SpecificTo = adapter2
DisableDynamicUpdate = No
EnableAdapterDomainNameRegistration = No
DefaultGateway =
DHCP = Yes
DHCPClassId = abc
DNSDomain = fabrikam.com
DNSServerSearchOrder = server1.fabrikam.com, fabrikam.com
IPAddress =,
IpAllowedProtocols = 10
NetBIOSOptions = 1
TcpAllowedProtocols = 10
UdpAllowedProtocols = 10
SubnetMask =
WINS = Yes
WINSServerList =,

The other option is to use the PNP_ID of each adapter. MS recommends to use MACs if the PNP_IDs are the same ...

all the above can be found in the MS Windows XP Service Pack 2 Deployment Tools


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