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These days almost everyone has broadband, and doesn't mind downloading a bunch of programs/updates. I figured I could make a database with a program's name and the direct download link, and then make a program where you can create a config file so the programs will be automatically downloaded. This would save precious space on your CD :) Things I haven't figured out yet:

  • Name, I suck at inventing names :P
  • Installation, should the program do the installation would you still have to use another way.
  • Database, if everyone has access to it and can change it, anyone can change a download link to an incorrect one.

Feedback please :)

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While it seems a good idea, there are some flaws to the concept:

  • For a lot of proggies, you need an answer file before you can do an unattended setup; you would need to create these files on beforehand or it won't run silently
  • What if the download link is down? the utility needs to be able to cope with that, and the program won't be installed...
  • If the download link changes, same thing. Program can't be installed.
  • If, for some reasons, the network settings aren't correct, *nothing* will be installed.
  • What if the link is something like http://site.com/down.php?id=345 » prolly won't download correctly. Ok, you said 'direct links', but maybe for some progs this is not available...

But, don't let these comments hold you back on trying to make it. Hell, if you've done it, i"ll even test it out :) Just don't know how useful it would be.

/edit: for the name, something logical like URI (unattended remote installer)?

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  • Ofcourse the unattended files would be created beforehand, but they are small and I figured they usually don't change when a program is updated. The company would have to switch to another installer for the unattended file not to work.
  • Yes, the program would probably have a timeout of 10 secs or more and continue with the next program if it can't download. Maybe a log at the end/after restart showing which programs failed to download, or something like that.
  • Could make a script that daily checks which links are down, and sends me an email for example...
  • Ofcourse the network settings would have to be correct for it to work, it would connect to a database on the internet, so it would have to shutdown if it can't connect.
  • You're right about the last one, the program probably wouldn't download if you had a link like that, nothing to do about that unfortunately.

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