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Is this really possbile to do ?!

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Could this be done ?

Imagine you put in your XPCD and then just after it boots from it, it shows you a simple menu, something like:

1. Auto Install
2. Manual Install
3. Auto Setup
4. Manual Setup + Apps Install

I'm especialy interested in having auto, but to also have a full manual install in case sometimes you need the regular contents on the cd.

Would be very nice.

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yes it can be done....

but u need to go through special guide regarding making multiboot DVD/CD


u need to hex edit some files (read multi boot CD /DVD)

copy winnt.sif in ur auto installation and $oem$ folder as well

now use ezboot menu to create ur own boot menu with different hex edited bootsect.bin

creat iso with ultra iso using simulate option (simulate will remove all the same file traces so that u can have all version of windows in same normal 700 MB CD)

i have given only raw idea..

try to read multi CD guide for detail

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Yesterday, i was coincidentally searching for more or less the same thing and stumbled upon this:


Pretty good tutorial on how to do the job with MagicISO. I hope it helps.

/edit: if you succeed in doing this, please reply here - i'd like to know if it was a lot of work, maybe i'll try this too.

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same thing,,

seems to be multiple OS, but in actual all version share the same file

so the single OS and multiple file size won't change

suppose ur xp sp 2 is abt (650 Mb)

after adding other version just increment 1 MB thought it seems to be more then 1 GB

but u need to simulate the files

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