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How to addon "Asia Language" to XPE?


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I add



to the proper path of cd.

these fon and nls are from my C drive (windows xp pro)

and set the register


"Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\*"

and other paths....

same as my windows xp pro. ( my winxp pro is english version which location set to HongKong and Regional and Language Options -> Advanced -> non-Unicode programs setting is HongKong )。

if i do not set

0x1, "Control Panel\International","Locale","00000C04"

it will boot and can see the file name which is "asia language"

but i can't see asia language in notepad.exe.

if i set

0x1, "Control Panel\International","Locale","00000C04"

it will show and error message while booting. say something wrong with my shell32.dll

and still can't see "asia language" in notepad.exe after boot up.

does anyone like to give me some tips to continue the work ?

or does anyone done this before ?

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thanks for you reply.

I have check that website, and i found "japanese plugin" in http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-B...686/Plugin.html

when i download and see the "readme.htm", it saids :

; Supported Windows versions are: Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 1) Japanese

it's say japanese version of winxp, not make from pure english winxp.

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