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A little direction please

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I stumbled on this forum whilst looking for fully integrated XP disks - I must say it is opening a new world within Windows I never knew about.

I suppose I need some clarification that a few days searching this board hasn't fully cleared up.

1. You modify TXTSETUP.SIF only for XPCREATE? where do you get the values for RAID/SATA drivers that you want to integrate with it? (is it automatically done when you put drivers in the ...\$1\drivers folder?)

EDIT: I followed the XPCREATE website, is the driver list completely up to date. I have 2 driver that I think I need ie more Intel's RAID/SATA drivers

2. If you use SVC-EXE you can put exe's that will integrate with an unattended XP setup?

3. where do user specific choices eg themes, power settings etc go?

If there are threads for these qs i'd appreciate if you could point me to them. thanks!

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My first answer would be "Baby Steps". Try XPCREATE to simply create a bootable CD first, with no hotfixes, themes, SATA drivers or what not. Get some hands on experience, and then shoot for that "perfect" CD you seem to be looking for. The Web Site, as is, has been enough to get many, many people started. When you have a specific problem - e.g. something in your tests is not working - post a message, and I suspect there will be answers.

Good Luck, and Welcome to MSFN!

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No problem! Just remember, do a little at a time, and run lots of intermediate tests. It seems like it takes forever, but in the end, it will save a lot more time than trying to figure out what went wrong later!

Good Luck!

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