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What software do you suggest for network monitoring?

I have cisco routers, switches and firewall in network and i want to monitor syslog messages, snmp and some services (like sql,www,dns). Also i need good pix syslog log file analyzer.

Is there any all-in-one solution for all my needs, or I have to have a few applications?

Is there any freeware solution?

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for the last few months ive been experiencing the same needs. Something to centrally manage network performance, monitor disk memory cpu eventlogs on servers. I dont have a PIX. The best solution ive found so far is WhatsUP Gold. Not free of course, runs about 2000$. They have a cheaper version WhatsUP Pro but they are stopping the production of Gold and moving all features over to Pro around November December. Looks very nice and very helpful.

You can get the same stuff for free with a little scripting using Perfmon and WMI scripting. But... im not a programmer (yet). If your into good books Active Directory Cook Book is freakin sweet.

Hope this helps.

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