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Screensaver/Idle Problem


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AMD Athlon64 3200+

Seagate SATA 120gb

ANTEC 350W psu

GeForce FX 5700LE

ATI TV Tuner

1gb Corsair Value Select


The screensaver will come on and run for about a minute, then it freezes. When I make the screensaver stop after letting it run for a while, the cpu temperature will be very high for my system(45 C, normally 35 C). I know that these temps are low, but the processor runs at around 41 C at full usage. Another weird thing is that as soon as I come out of the screensaver, I have checked the cpu usage and it is 0%.

I ran a virus and spyware scan and I don't think I have installed any new software that would be conflicting with the screensaver.

Thanks in Advance.

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yes the 3D Text screensave uses OpenGL to render it's screen content. But it uses very low CPU power because most of the work is done within the Graphics Card. Try to check your thermal solution (i.e. is you graphics card going very hot while running the ss?)


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The problem is I can't get the temp for my gpu, I searched google for a while and I couldn't come up with anything about my gpu and temp monitoring.

But I don't think it has something to do with the video card because I run games like Half Life 2 fine with out locking up, why would a simple screensaver lock it up.

I believe the issue is with my computer idling, I came back tonight to my idle computer to find that the cpu was running at 41 C (I should also add that the mobo temp was quite low). and while I am using the comp my cpu temp is 31 C.

Maybe it could be a process eating up cpu usage but again as soon as I come back from idle none of the processes are using any of the cpu(or there cpu usage is 0).

EDIT: I also just checked all of my processes running using Spybot. I found nothing out the ordinary.

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Problem Solved!

I finally was able to find the process that was causing the trouble.

The process was mscorsvw.exe.

It appears that it was installed by the new .NET Framework Beta 2 and the process compiles assemblies needed for the .NET Framework after installation.

Also it only starts to run when the computer is idle so that is why my screensaver would appear to freeze. It will supposedly finish all of its work in a short amount of time if it is let to run so I plan on doing that and see if it helps.

Thanks to all for the help.

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