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Desktop & Start Menu Settings & Network Problems

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Hi All,

I have just successfully managed on my first attempt to create an Unattended Setup. Ive only encountered problems with the Network settings so far however there is something else I was wandering.

Would it be possible to carry over a chose desktop and start menu layout onto the disk so they get loaded everytime I use the disk?



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there u find the guidance to make your desktop look like u want after unattended setup.

i dunno what network probs u got, but check in winnt.sif this out:



   NetCardAddress = 0x000000000000
   PciBusNumber = 0
   PciDeviceNumber = 0
   PciFunctionNumber = 0
   ConnectionName = "Connection1"



   DefaultGateway =
   DNSServerSearchOrder =

u gotta check if u want/need every thing that is there but the most important part is the [params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter1] and [params.Adapter1].

the first is self explaining (or read the Deploy Tools help files)

the second is the thing to config your network:

INFID=* (if you don't got it just leave it alone or delete it)

NetCardAddress = 0x000000000000 (your MAC address, install your network card one time correctly and check it out with "ipconfig /all")

PciBusNumber = 0 (go into your hardware management and open up the properties of the network card, write down its BUS/DEVICE and FUNCTION number and enter them here (and the two entries below))

PciDeviceNumber = 0

PciFunctionNumber = 0

ConnectionName = "Connection1" (name of your lan connection)

you can easily add more adapters that way and they will work with that config u told em to use in the winnt.sif

btw: these infos u enter there are used for identification of the NIC only, u still gotta add drivers to your unattended cd/dvd if windows can't auto detect ur card(s)


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The icons that exist in the Start Menu and on the Desktop are not controlled at all by the theme file. To add shortcuts you can use shortcut.exe or (my favorite) NirCMDc.exe. Google for NirCMD and look at the help file, you can figure it out pretty easily.

Placement of shortcuts:

"%UserProfile%\Start Menu\" - exists only in the start menu of logged-on user.

"%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\" - exists in the start menu of all accounts on the computer.

"%UserProfile%\Desktop\" - exists only on the desktop of the logged-on user.

"%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\" - exists on the desktop of all accounts.

To save the positions of icons on the desktop, configure them the way you want on a test computer, then REBOOT and export "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\1\Desktop"

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