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Help needed using SYSPART methods


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I am using Microsoft ADS to deploy 2003 servers. I am using a method similar to the 'Branch Office Infrastructure Solution' (BOIS). It's on M$ website. Anyway, it consists of fomatting a small partition on a running Windows server. Then running winnt32.exe /syspart /unattend:xxxx etc. This creates on the small partition, folders $win_nt$.~bt and $win_nt$.~ls. The idea is then take an image of this partition, and dump it onto a server that is to be built. Then when the server boots up it starts installing windows.

It works OK, but I am having trouble adding extra drivers, especially for Dell servers.

Has anyone else tried this method. At the moment the servers install Windows, but on first reboot afterwards, keep rebooting, without getting to Windows.

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