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Hi everyone,

anyone know a way of obtaining a list of services running in the background of a machine, but also the date/time these were started\stopped and the ver numb?

would prefer it to be a script/bat type operation.

Basically I want to know what services have been started/stopped by service pack installs on our Server Box.

Our 3 servers are running win2k server and 2 x win2003 server.

Cheers for comments peeps


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You could try parsing the System Eventlog for events with the 7035 or 7036 Id, issued by the Service Control Manager to determine when services where started/stopped.

You can also use the sc query command from a command prompt to get a list of currently running services.

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Thanks for the reply.

The SC command is very helpful.

I have managed to Lock the services Database using SC Lock.

But this only applys when the window is left open.

Is it possible to make this change current, I would imagine, on a restat, even if you were to use a bat file at startup, the lock would only apply once all the services had been loaded.

I.e. if I install service pack with Lock on, then it restarts any services that were held down by the lock would then be able to start, then the lock would come in to play.

Also could you go into more detail concerning parsing the Event Log.

Ie how would I go about doing this?



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