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Using the /S /V/QN I can silently install my application. :)

I can create my setup.iss file by using the -r switch. :)

If i use the -s switch it doesn't read the setup.iss file as i need it to. :(

I can't use the extracted files from with the temp folder, as when i use these it asks for data2.cab, which doesn't exist on the PC, i can only assume it is held within another file of unknown format.

Looking on the Manufacturers website doesn't produce any useful results to assist.

Looking on installshield website, it says to use -s, but it doesn't work.

How do I use the -s switch in this case? :wacko:

Any help or pointers appreciated.

a tired oldman

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I ran into this as well. Here's how to get it to work:

user.exe -s -f1"C:\Full.iss"

The -s does the silent install.

The -f1 points it to your ISS file as opposed to the one inside the compressed executable (user.exe in my case).

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Thanks mmarable.

Will give it a try, but according to installshield.com, tht is only to produce a log to the output file you wish, or i mis-read there instructions

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tried that, and no didn't work.

I may not have said, but the user.exe file that installs extracts the files to a temp folder, which contains the setup.exe and other stuff.

Using this setup.exe doesn't work as asks for a file that doesn't exist, data2.cab.

so i need to pass my created setup.iss to the extracted files setup, or i install and then modify, which defeats the object of silent install


just looked on installshield.com, and your correct

/f1 : Specify alternative response file name and path

/f2 : Specify alternative log file name and path

So it was my interpretation


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Identify Installer will make things easier for you. It quickly gives you the information.

Installsheild requires the /f2 for logging onto the harddrive, else it will fail. If you unpack the installer, you can put the setup.iss, with the setup.exe, without using /f1, else you need to use /f1 and specify a full address to the setup.iss file.

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MHz, no offence intended here

I know it's an installshield installer, says in big letters during install

I also know how to create and use a setup.iss, as noted in my posts above

The unpacked files don't work and have subsequntly found out that the manufacturer realesed an incomplete installer as it doesn't extract all file, so am awaiting new realese and should be okay

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