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Windows 2003 OOBE?


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I've searched through the forums, and read nearly every post I could find regarding oobeinfo.ini, but haven't found any definite answers as of yet...

Has anyone confirmed that the oobeinfo.ini method works under Windows 2003? The directory structure / files exist, but i'm not entirely sure that it is ever getting called... it certainly hasn't processed my oobeinfo.ini file...at least for the three attempts i've made thus far.

I want to use this method to create a single administrative account (of name I can specify)... I don't use the "Administrator" account as it gets renamed to a unrememberable string of of characters by my security policies, not to mention not even I know the password it gets assigned (safer that way :P ). I also don't really want the "Administrator" profile directory to ever be written in the first place (i.e. so long as an account never logs in, its profile directory will not exist).

This was never a problem with Windows XP, since I just leave the "Windows Welcome" screen intact, and create a user from there...

I appreciate any replies,



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