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PowerDVD 6 Silent Install


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  • 4 months later...

Will these guides work for a OEM version of PowerDVD 6 as well?

I've tried using registry keys to insert the CD-Key but it doesn't work.

I install PDVD silently, simply by editing the custom.ini with silent=1. Then all I have to do is run setup.exe and the install runs silently.

But I am having difficulty inserting the key.

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Edit your MCE_SYM.reg file...insert the serial there....



cyber - I edited the mce_sym.reg file and then installed PDVD6 but when I run it it still prompts for cdkey. I checked the registry and there are references with my cdkey.

Is there anything else I have to do other then the mce_sym.reg file edit?

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check out the 1st page....of this post.... maybe needed some other registry for u........

dun forget about powerdvd.sim after u register it .... u need to copy the powerdvd.sim into your installation folder.......

The PowerDVD.sim file is already copied, as part of the install, to the installation location (c:\program files\cyberlink\powerdvd).

The first post with the guide for the trial version lists some other entries in the mce_sym.reg file so I'll add those in and give that a go.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I've still had no luck trying to to pre-populate the product key.

Any ideas?

I'm now trying using regmon to see what changes are done to the registry when I type in a product key.

But when I put exported registry entries to the test via a .reg file when I try to run the program it comes up saying that my 30day free trial has expired???

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Hello All,

I have managed to get the Key pre-populated finally!

In the end it was quite easy to do.... I re-read over the first post a bit more carefully and this is what I came up with for my OEM version. I am unsure if the step for the powerdvd.sim file is required but this is how I got it to work so that is why it is there:

(1) copy the powerdvd folder from the OEM disc to a temp folder on your HDD

(2) for the program to install completely silently, simply edit the custom.ini file with "Silent=1"

(3) do a manual installation, then browse to C:\Program Files\Cyberlink\PowerDVD (this being the default)

(4) you should see there the "powerdvd.sim" file. Copy it to your temp folder, overwriting the existing file

(5) the "mce_sym.reg" file needs to be edited. This can be done by simply copying the code in the 1st post into the existing "mce_sym.reg" file - remember to overwrite or delete the original code in the file. However, some of the code from the 1st post is not required for the OEM 2CH version of PowerDVD6. The lines of code I removed were:



"InstalledPacks"="CPRM Pack, DivX Pack, DTS Pack, DTS 96/24 Pack, DVD-Audio Pack, Express Pack, Interactual Pack, Mobility Pack, MPEG4 AVC Pack"

This left me with my MCE_SYM.reg file looking like this:









[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\Video]













Having done all this - simply running kicking off the install by running SETUP.EXE will silently install the program, via the edited CUSTOM.ini, and the CD-KEY is inserted via the POWERDVD.SIM MCE_SYM.REG files.

As an extra step, which is already mentioned in the earlier posts, you can delete the OLRSUBMISSION folder from PROGRAM FILES\CYBERLINK\POWERDVD so you won't see the registration page everytime you run PDVD6.

Hope this helps anyone that is in the same boat I was in.

Cheers to the other guys who originally made the posts on how to do this. All credit to those guys.

Edited by AndeeOPT
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I solved my MCE issues.

As it turns out, I think the issues were caused by the OEM source disk I was using. There were some strange things with it. Main issue was that if I clicked "about" in PDVD, it reported the version as 6xxxxx. If I installed the 2003e patch and checked about again, the version went backwards to something like 5xxxxxx.

In the end I ended up using a PDVD6 trial with my OEM 2CH CD-KEY to silently installed followed by the 2003e patch install.

MCE all works faultlessly now

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