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Spybot 1.4 "Hanging"?


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When running a scan 1.4 either "hangs" or takes an inordinately long time when scanning Internet Explorer and Firefox bookmarks.

This is at the very end of the scan, the progress bar showing:

"Running bot-check [24098/26697 : Internet Explorer - Owner - Bookmark]", and

"Running bot-check [24098/26697 : Firefox - default - Bookmark]"

Until this point the scan takes approx. 3 minutes, but scanning of these 2 entries takes a further 3+ mins.

The same problem occurs on my second computer. Each runs Win. XP Home Edit. SP2 and with 1.3 entire scans always took about 3 minutes.

Is this a known problem?

Is there a workaround or remedy?

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I have something like this to but, it comes up with that box you have to check but, the box is allmessed up. The check and the ok/apply button is out of sync. I might go back to the old version if I still get this.

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